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Ride Info

We have a large variety of great rides on Thu evenings, Sat, Sun and Mon mornings. Our Ride Schedule is Apr to Nov. All Routes are available on Ride with GPSRoutes are usually between 25 to 100 miles on scenic back roads typically with short and long options. A hilliness rating (below) is included to help you pick your route.

Thursday evening rides usually meet afterwards in a local restaurant, it's a great way to meet members and get to know the club. Sunday morning rides include a faster and more challenging long option.

Each ride has a ride leader who will have scouted the route beforehand and will be at the start to organize the departure. Departure is organized by a
verage speed to encourage no-drop riding. While the Club cannot assume responsibility for riders or their equipment, ride leaders and riders will assist in any way they can.

You should have the route loaded on your GPS device, phone or bring a printed RWGPS map/cue sheet. BBC promotes safe and courteous riding. Please familiarize yourself with the BBC Rider Safety Responsibilities

BBC Ride with GPS Club Membership

BBC subscription includes a full feature RWGPS Club membership. You can wirelessly transfer (Pin) Routes from a phone or pc to a GPS device or use the phone app for turn by turn navigation with audio. It is recommended to join.

here to get started and for detailed help on Pinning Routes and using phone navigation.

If you choose not to join, you will still have access to BBC Events and Routes, you just won't have the RWGPS Event and Route management and advanced features.

Recurring Rides



Monday Morning

The 'Monday Morning Meander' series will start at 9:30 am from May 1 to Aug 28. These are social rides that will likely have a post ride lunch picnic or a stop at a local restaurant. Come join the fun!

Thursday Evening

Social rides of about 25 miles, starting at various locations out of town. Join a post ride restaurant social to meet members and get to know your club

Saturday Morning
Chill Ride

2 to 2 1/2 hour ride with modest hills at an easier pace. Coffee stop along the way...

Sunday Morning

Long and medium options. The long option usually has more hills.
Faster group option (> 17 mph) available for a more challenging workout

Event Naming Convention and Hill Ratings

An Event name comprises: 
Descriptive Name: Distance options (Long, Medium, Short), miles, Hill Ratings, eg: DeForest Loop: L 70 flat, M 59 flat, S 44 rolling

Distance Options:


More than 50 mi


25-50 mi


Less than 25 mi

Hill Rating
This is subjective rating! it is calculated using the average elevation gain/mi for the entire Route. A typical ride on the roads of WI ride is about 50 ft/mi, which is Moderate on our Hill Rating.




Little or no climbing:
    0 - 25 ft average elevation gain/mi


Gentle hills:
    25 - 50 ft average elevation gain/mi


Many climbs and some may be more than 10% or long:
    50 - 75 ft average elevation gain/mi

Very Hilly
Good choice for riders who really enjoy climbing and descending:
    More than 75 ft average elevation gain/mi