Road/Trail Condition Report

The list below has been submitted by bicyclists on the road conditions of Dane County and surrounding area roads.

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If mountain biking, always check trail condition report for closures here before you head out:

Road Date Road Condition
Zwettler 6/13/2018 Zwettler, chip seal, western 2/3 of road, including descent toward F. Roelke, chip seal, whole length.
Pinnacle Rd 6/4/2018 Fresh chip seal on Pinnacle Rd.
Garfoot 5/16/2018 There are some sections of Garfoot that are pea graveled, making the descent very sketchy.
Sun Valley Parkway 5/15/2018 Fresh pea gravel on Sun Valley Parkway, West of Judd Road near Paoli. Uncertain how far west the pea gravel extends on Sun Valley (the trucks were working on the hill just after the Judd Rd intersection).
Reynolds Rd 5/11/2018 Reynolds Rd is West of Lodi. It is under construction.
Cross Plains area 3/4/2018 Riding in the Cross Plains today confirmed that there some roads still have a lot of sand/grit so care is needed e.g..Table Bluff, Kahl, so downhill\’s and junctions are quite dangerous. The downhill on Old Sauk Pass however is in good shape
Stagecoach Road, Cross Plains 8/9/2017 Road is closed with major roadwork that looks like it will go on to the Fall. Big problem for going west – a lot of cyclists!
Rocky Dell 8/5/2017 Bumpy road surface/gravel most of the way from Hwy 14 to Airport Rd. Rideable, but not fun.
Sand Rock Road 6/29/2017 Aggressive German Shepherd on Sand Rock between
Cty JG and Barton Rd. Dog leapt out of right side of shoulder brush,
chased me for 30-40 yards up the hill. I called Dane County
Sheriff, they referred to Animal Control, who told me they will send
owner of nearby house a warning notice.
Vermont Church Road; also Dane County Highway P 8/22/2016 Road work going on just off Highway 78 on Vermont
Church Road; might be impassable for a couple-few days as they work on the road and maybe that bridge just off 78. Also more minor work on Highway P at the intersection of P and S at Pine Bluff — the
northerly part of P at that intersection; looks like a quicker job
CTY W, Green County 8/14/2016 Fresh asphalt and pea gravel along entire length. East of CC (92-CC) was done about 2 weeks ago and rest (CC-69) was done in past week.
Cowboy 8/11/2016 Highway Z north of Daleyville. Road closed signs. Bridge out at bottom of descent going north. There is a scaffold to walk across. Gravel for about 1/2 mile. Best to avoid.
Hwy 14 6/02/2016 Pea gravel from F through Black Earth. Lanes are beaten in by highway traffic but shoulder is pretty deep because cars don’t go there. Choice is to ride in deep gravel or take the lane on the highway.
Knight Hollow 6/02/2016 New pea gravel for 100 yards on the east end and for a little over a mile in the middle including the largest hill (by Roelke)
Erdman 6/02/2016 Pea gravel on the south end. Not sure how far it goes.
County Hwy KP 5/07/2016 Lots of potholes & tire width vertical cracks on stretch north of Hwy. 14 between Spring Valley and Otto Kerl Rd. Brake on the downhill!
Enchanted Valley 4/04/2016 Two fifty or so foot patches of coarse and loose gravel on the downhill north of Schneider before Highway K. Had to walk around.
Stagecoach Rd and Celestial Circle 3/06/2016 Watch out for the dog at the house on the corner, he’s very aggressive. This is Stagecoach west of Cty P, at the top of the hill. I reported the dog to the Dane Cty Sheriff.

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