Ride Leader’s can find ride, schedule, maps and cue sheet information on the Ride Leaders page.

Ride Schedule

You’ll find information on our full schedule of events for the bicycling season, including our unique Wright Stuff Century. All cyclists are cordially invited to participate in our rides. Just show up, wear a helmet, and sign a liability waiver. There is no fee unless noted in this schedule. We hope you’ll enjoy yourself enough to become a member of the club.

Bombay rides are scheduled from April through November and go rain or shine. Starting times and  starting points are listed in the complete Ride Schedule.

Recurring Rides

  • Traditional Saturday and Sunday Rides: have the largest turnout and usually have long, medium and short options. They begin with relatively short distances in the spring, gradually increasing to longer distances by midsummer, and then becoming shorter in the fall. Ride leaders usually organize staggered starts and “sweep” the route. Novice riders should consider taking the short option.
  • Leisure Rides: For cyclists who prefer a slower pace and more socializing. Riders meet at the Vilas Park Shelter at 6:30 PM every Tuesday evening from June through August for rides of roughly 7-10 miles. Rides will be on bike paths and through the Arboretum.
  • Wright Stuff Century Practice Rides: Nine of the rides between 6/14 and 8/30 are designed to be good WSC practice for riders of all abilities. Riding these hilly routes will prepare you to enjoy 9/6 whether you plan 30, 65 or 100 miles. Out of town starts will allow maximum time on hills.
  • Thursday Evening Rides: These are friendly group rides of about 25 miles, always starting out of town. Participants are encouraged to stay and socialize at a local restaurant following the ride.

Hilliness Ratings

Mileages are stated for the long, medium and short loop options of all Saturday and Sunday rides. You will also find a hilliness rating for the longest loop of the ride. Folks, this is art, not science, but we hope it helps you choose rides you’ll enjoy.

  • Flat Rides feature little or no climbing
  • Rolling Hills rides feature relatively gentle hills
  • Moderately Hilly rides feature a modest number of climbs that are not unusually steep or long
  • Hilly rides have many climbs and some may be quite steep or long
  • Very Hilly rides are good choices for riders who really enjoy climbing and descending hills

General BBC Ride Information

We encourage people to ride at their own pace; our rides are not races. Typically, the ride leader will use staggered starts to group riders who ride at a similar pace. Before leaving the starting point each rider gets a map and a cue sheet with turn-by-turn directions for the ride.

While the Bombay Bicycle Club of Madison, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for riders or their equipment, ride leaders will assist riders in any way they can. We require you to wear a helmet and recommend a multi-speed bicycle in safe operating condition. A water bottle is essential (two in summer) and you should be adequately prepared to fix a flat (spare tube, pump, patch kit, tire levers, and know-how).