Resources for Cyclists


Check local weather at Wunderground.  Visit Madison Weather Forecast to see expected temperature, wind speed, and wind direction hour by hour.   Check out this Temperature and Wind Speed Graph from the Weather Underground.   Hour by hour forecast information is also available from



Looking for bike racing news?     Cycling News     Velo News

Looking for local bike races?     USA Cycling       WI Sport

Mountain bike racing?     Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Association


Track Your Progress is a free tool for you to keep track of your fitness activities. You can set and achieve your goals in Cycling, Running, Walking, or Gym workouts. You can also create your own team and track its cumulative progress.

Parts Are Parts

 Finding just the right component or accessory for your bike can be difficult. How well will it really work? Find out by reading the reviews posted by cyclists at Road Bike Review.

We Are All Mechanics

We provide classes in basic bike maintenance for women in Madison. We also hold year-round clinics, rides, and events that are for all genders.

Still have questions?

Sheldon Brown’s legacy continues.  There’s a wealth of information on everything from the right fit to fixed gear bikes at Harris Cyclery Articles.